Introducing our stereo vacuum tube preamplifier with mic/line-level inputs; the 652!

Using the GAIN control, the engineer can achieve 5 - 60 dB of gain from the uniquely-biased tube input stage, followed by a MASTER attenuation control in the output buffer stage. Want a clean yet musical replication of the source? How about the creamy saturation of an esoteric vintage preamplifier?

The 652's gentle drive characteristics allows for a broad tonal palette depending on how hard you hit it with signal. It is designed to interface with all types of microphones (including ribbons), and the line-level input pad allows you to add analogue warmth to any track from a digital audio workstation; making it an indispensable tool for adding colouration and harmonic distortion!

Two flavours, one box, all discrete, and proudly hand-crafted in Canada.
  • 12AX7 input stage with 12-position gain switch, 5 – 60 dB (5 dB steps)
  • High-voltage transistor buffer output stage (4x FJP5200)
  • Discrete Class-A operation, low-noise topology
  • Hermetically-sealed relay switching, with gold-plated contacts
  • Variable input impedance for mic: 300 ohms, 1200 ohms
  • Source selection switch: Mic and Line-Level
  • Phase inversion switch
  • Selectable high-pass filter of 10Hz, 80Hz, and 200Hz (first order)
  • Regulated low-noise power supply, with +48V DC phantom power
  • High-quality Beldfoil® shielded cabling throughout
  • Custom Lundahl input and output transformers
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Specifications
    Typical Test Parameters: 2mV RMS sine, 1 kHZ, 1200R input impedance, 100K output load impedance
    Input Impedance
    300 Ω, 1200 Ω (Mic)
    15 KΩ (Line)
    Maximum Input Level
    +4dBV (XLR, 1200R setting)
    -2dBV (XLR, 300R setting)
    Maximum Output Level
    +15 dBV
    XLR Output Impedance
    < 65 Ω
    Recommended Minimum Load
    300 Ω
    Frequency Response
    18Hz to > 50kHz (-3 dB)
    High Pass Filter Characteristics
    -3dB @ 80Hz or 200Hz, 20 dB/decade (first-order)
    Maximum Gain
    60dB (1200R XLR input - XLR output, unweighted)
    EIN Noise
    -128dBV (20Hz ~ 20kHz); -130dBV (A-wtg)
    Residual Output Noise (Master at Zero)
    -121dBV (1uV) 20Hz ~ 20kHz
    Noise Factor
    5dB re 150R source impedance (20Hz ~ 20kHz)
    0dBV to 15dBV, 0.03% to 2%
    Tube Per Channel
    1x 12AX7
    Phantom Power
    +48V DC
    Power Sequencing
    Soft-start for tube filament supply;
    Soft-start for tube high voltage supply;
    30s turn-on delay for output relays;
    Output relays mute immediately at power-down
    Power Requirements
    110-120V / 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 30VA max.
    Power Consumption
    24 Watts
    19” W x 3.5” H x 12.25” D
    483mm W x 90mm H x 311mm D
    6 kg
    Click here to download the 652 user manual
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