Introducing the Traverse Analogue Mass-DI (Mass Direct Interface)

  • Hand-assembled, hand-soldered, all discrete circuitry
  • Custom Lundahl transformer (double mu-metal wrapped)
  • 10Meg ohm input impedance (designed for piezo transducers) (250K ohm with PAD)
  • 18ga steel chassis is solid, industrial and tough, with 4 adhesive feet
  • LED and PAD switch are recessed to minimize drop damage
  • JFET front-end (low-noise), BJT output stage
  • Has provisions for NOS JFET upgrades
  • +48VDC Phantom-powered
  • Constant-current operation
  • No ground lift switch (internal ground loop suppression circuit)
  • Can be used between an amplifier and speaker to directly capture amp tone!
  • Will take the output of a 1000W amplifier while PAD is engaged (close to 300VPP) (production**)
  • Huge headroom, can take unbalanced line-level signals
  • Mic-level output
  • Available as matched-pair for stereo applications, and for dual dry signal/amp signal recording
  • Stay tuned for product release date, updates, and complete list of specifications.

    Designed and manufactured in NL, Canada!

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