(Discontinued) The active Mass-DI features discrete JFET/BJT circuitry with a custom designed “mu-metal wrapped” Lundahl transformer, giving the source a natural sound with a fast and punchy transient response.

Each unit is handcrafted with care using the highest quality components available. It’s designed for use with ¼” unbalanced instruments (including those with piezoelectric transducers) and line level sources, with a balanced XLR microphone level output. It can also be used between an amplifier and speaker to sample amp tone directly!

Simple, elegant, responsive, and proudly hand-crafted in Canada.
  • Hand-assembled, hand-soldered, fully discrete
  • JFET/BJT Class-A biased circuitry
  • Custom Lundahl transformer (double mu-metal wrapped)
  • 18ga steel chassis is solid, industrial and tough
  • 10 MΩ input impedance (220 KΩ with PAD)
  • +48VDC phantom-powered
  • Neutrik ¼” jacks and XLR receptacle
  • No ground lift switch (internal ground loop suppression)
  • LED and PAD switch are recessed to minimize drop damage
  • Can be used between an amplifier and speaker to directly capture amp tone
  • Huge headroom - can take unbalanced line-level signals (up to 245 volts P-P with pad)
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Specifications
    Input Impedance
    10 MΩ (without pad)
    220 KΩ (with pad)
    Output Impedance
    Less than 40 Ω
    Frequency Response
    10Hz – 60kHz (+/- 1dB)
    Better than -105 dBu, unweighted (20Hz – 30kHz)
    20Hz @ 0dBu = < 0.04%
    1kHz @ 0dBu = < 0.04%
    1kHz @ +19dBu = < 0.08%
    Maximum Input Level
    +21dBu (without pad)
    +41dBu (with pad)
    Maximum Output Level
    +1dBu @ max. input level
    Power Requirement
    +48VDC (phantom power) @ 3.9mA
    5.3” L x 3.1” W x 2.3” H
    135mm L x 80mm W x 58mm H
    0.518 Kg
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