The active Mass DI features discrete JFET and BJT circuitry with a custom designed "mu-metal wrapped" Lundahl transformer, giving the source a natural sound with a fast and punchy transient response.

Each unit is handcrafted with care using the highest quality components available. It's designed for use with ¼" unbalanced instruments (including those with piezoelectric transducers) and line level sources, with a balanced XLR microphone level output.

Simple, elegant, responsive... and proudly handcrafted in Canada!
  • Discrete JFET/BJT Class-A biased circuitry
  • Custom Lundahl transformer
  • 18ga steel chassis
  • 10 Meg ohms input impedance (220K ohms with PAD)
  • +48VDC phantom-powered
  • Neutrik ¼" jacks and XLR receptacle
  • Recessed LED and PAD switch to minimize drop damage
  • A well-balanced, punchy, and articulate character
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Specifications
    Input Impedance
    10 MΩ (without pad)
    220 KΩ (with pad)
    Output Impedance
    Less than 40 Ω
    Frequency Response
    10Hz – 60kHz (+/- 1dB)
    Better than -105 dBu, unweighted (20Hz – 30kHz)
    20Hz @ 0dBu = < 0.04%
    1kHz @ 0dBu = < 0.04%
    1kHz @ +19dBu = < 0.08%
    Maximum Input Level
    +21dBu (without pad)
    Maximum Output Level
    +1dBu @ max. input level
    Power Requirement
    +48VDC (phantom power) @ 3.9mA
    5.3” L x 3.1” W x 2.3” H
    135mm L x 80mm W x 58mm H
    0.518 Kg
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What type of sound can I expect from the Mass DI?
    The Mass DI is largely transparent, balanced, and pristine. Stringed and electronic instruments will stand out in the mix, and it'll quickly become a go-to box for this purpose. The discrete circuitry driving the custom Lundahl transformer adds a sonic sheen and responsiveness that makes this little box pack a powerful punch!
    Does it include a pad?
    Yes, the Mass DI has a 15 dB pad switch. It can come in handy when using an instrument with an active preamp, for example.
    In what applications does the Mass DI work best?
    The Mass DI is a great tool for both studio and live environments. While any instrument or source with an unbalanced output can be used, it really stands out with acoustic/electric guitars, electric bass, and keyboards/synthesizers. If you're recording using your favorite tube preamplifier, the Mass DI works incredibly well between the instrument and the XLR microphone input! In fact, it's meant to be perfect companion to our 652: Vacuum Tube Preamplifier!
    What makes the Mass DI different from other DI boxes on the market?
    The Mass DI has a lower output level than many DI boxes. This means it can be used with your favorite analogue preamplifiers at higher gains. In many tube topologies, this is where it will more produce sweet low-order harmonic distortion as it runs closer to its open loop gain. In this arrangement, it creates a beautifully rich sound that adds a new dimension over the preamp's own ¼" DI input.

    Not only does it sound great and unique, but it's also super easy to disassemble and repair should the need arise!
    How can I try a Mass DI box and hear it for myself?
    In Canada, our products can be demoed and purchased directly from Traverse Analogue. Please use the contact form for the latest details, pricing, and availability.

    Outside of Canada, our products are exclusively distributed by M1 Distribution and are available for purchase through their network of pro audio dealers world-wide. Reach out to your nearest dealer for more information.
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